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Below is all the websites created by Odyssey Website Design to date.

Please feel free to browse the portfolio, if there is a design that you like or if there is a design you feel would suit yourself or your business dont hesitate to contact us




Prudhoe Castle First School

Ivythwaite Cottages

The Ravensworth Guest House 


This is a unique design for a primary school in the North East of England. The design gives the impression of a child's desk at school, using a child hand writing font to help create the desired effect. This site is still undergoing construction and will hopefully be completed in the near future.

This is a clean, simple and modern design for a self catering letting cottage in Windermere in the Lake District. The colours of the website suit the surrounding area of the Lake District, whilst the modern design reflects the style of the letting cottageĀ itself.

This website was a re-design for a guest house in Windermere in the Lake District. This is another example of a modern and clean design, using the colours of the site to match the interior of the guest house.


Denehurst Guest House

Looking Good Pet Grooming

John Ravenhall - Record Producer

This was an exisitng website which was taken over by Odyssey Website Design. The general design of the site has been kept the same, but some small changes have been made by us also some extra pages have been added, including a photo gallery.

This design was for a new pet grooming business opening in the North East of England. This design was produced using a "fun" effect which not only suited the client but also reflected her personality.

This is a very basic, simple single page website for a record producer based in London.
The client requested a web page to display his contact details for people to contact him.

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