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Below is all the websites created by Odyssey Website Design to date.

Please feel free to browse the portfolio, if there is a design that you like or if there is a design you feel would suit yourself or your business dont hesitate to contact us



The South Lakes Swim School

Windermere Waterbabes

Ivythwaite Lodge


This website was designed for a lady who teaches swimming and wanted to have to websites to appeal to both children and older people also. This site was designed tobe aimed at the older end of the market and her second site.

This is the second site which was designed to look more 'fun' to be aimed at the younger market and for parents who want to take their babies and toddlers to swimming lessons.

This is another modern design that is very simple but effective. This was re-designed for a guest house in the Lake District which already had a website but needed modernising.





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